Play Partners had met with Richard and his mother at their family home. The referral had come through the intensive family support worker at their local children’s centre.

Richard has middle learning difficulties and has a younger brother with autism who has very challenging behaviour. Mum had asked if Play Partners would be able to support Richard into an activity on the weekend as an opportunity to have fun but also time out as a lot of Mum and Dads time is supporting his younger brother.  The family have limited funds and no transport, and Mum and Dad are really struggling with their younger son.

The search began for a football club ideally within walking distance. A setting was identified and a member of the Play Partners team visited the sessions prior to the visit with the family. A visit was arranged with family and Play partners began supporting Richard to the club.

A requirement of the club is that all children wear football boots and shin pads, this is something that the family could not afford to get for Richard, Play Partners located some funds to buy the equipment and therefore Richard was able to continue to attend.

After 6 sessions the Play Partners felt that Richard was getting involved and needed little or no support from the play support worker so began to phase out from the sessions.

Play Partners continue to support Richard in the holidays and have sign posted Mum and Dad to SNAPS for some time-out sessions, fun play activities for both Richard and his younger brother, and opportunities for both parents to meet other parents.