We have successfully supported Aryaan through the Play Partners project.  This is the family’s letter to us:

Dear Play Partners,

 I don’t know everyone in this small but probably the most efficient charitable organisation in helping the needy.  When the needy have knocked every door, cried on every shoulder and requested expected help as far as in my severely, but beautiful autistic son, Aryaan is concerned, and for that matter Education Leeds is concerned. A very detailed and promising recommendation of a statement, was prepared by some relevant individual, in the relevant field.

 It would be a dream come true if the recommendations were taken seriously and properly followed through but hey remember the saying “pigs don’t fly” –  ha ha ha………………………………… 

 I’ve got used to laughing it off now, we have had plenty of heart ache, from probably every legitimate FUNDED, as you can see i have underlined the word funded, which is a word that means a dream can come true for our son.  At this stage of my letter I feel it very important to mention TRICIA from the Play Partners team because I’ve used a very big word dreams.  Now we all know in the real world dreams are not going to come true, because if they did my son Aryaan would not spend the majority of his difficult and limited speech, communication and deteriorating mental health condition in a sad tearful and painfully agonising fashion. 

 I don’t want to spoil this part of my heartfelt letter because me and Aryaan witnessed something which would not happen in reality, but in our case if it was destiny or someone in the heavens looking down on us, and sent an ANGEL.  Yes some may think ok let’s not exaggerate but experiencing the torment of seeing your very ill, unhappy and severely disabled son go through the motion of torture, from person to person, organisation to organisation, specialist  to specialist,  mp to mp.  I am a fighter and believe me the list can go on for ever,  I knocked on every door but our cry was not heard, or taken up with correct authority and all the doors were slammed.  Yes I am proud to call my self a strong, determined parent, fighting till the last.   I saw very big people, in big sectors not take the time to listen but Play Partners and our angel TRICIA not only listened to our cry for help and support,  but delivered the unfulfilled fake dreams and promises.  Support and guidance for my most precious 1 in a million and the most unique diamond of a son,  who everyone disregarded because of his underprivileged nature, to live life to the fullest potential.  I really would hope that organisations such as Leeds Play Network  remain available to the public as it is now.  Well I hope so,  the best of luck to the Play Partners and the team,  good luck and keep up the good work

 regards……………  majid khan, aryaan khan,almaskhan ,