The home visit took place at Lucy’s Grandma’s house where Lucy lives, Lucy lives with her Grandma and Mum as she is unable to stay solely with her Mum as she has learning difficulties and cannot cope with Lucy’s behaviour. Lucy would like to be more independent and meet new people as only a 13 year old would, and for Grandma Play Partners have provided her an opportunity to have some respite. A local guide group was identified as an appropriate setting for Lucy, this group provided Lucy with the opportunities to meet other young ladies, Grandma a little time out and in a location were Grandma was able to drive to, as driving at night and for a long distance was not something that she was able to do. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed going to guides and continues to attend, after 6 sessions it was decided that Lucy was happy and now confident to go alone, it was decided that if Lucy, the staff or Grandma needed anymore support this could be provided. During the school holidays Lucy has been supported into activities at her local leisure centre, during the morning of her first session Lucy made it very clear that she did not want support from the Play Partners and with the staff and Grandma’s consent Play Partners left the sessions.   Lucy continued to attend over the holidays without support from the Play Partners.