Leeds Play Network will be closing

Sadly, trustees and staff of the children’s charity Leeds Play Network (LPN) are announcing its closure. After 30 years delivering a play service for children, parents and child care professionals in the Leeds area, the charity will finally close its doors on the 31st March 2019 and disappear from the important voluntary sector within Leeds

Play Partners – Service Update 2019

Leeds Play Network is no longer accepting Play Partners referrals as of January 8th 2019.  This is due to the termination of the service on March 31st 2019.  If you have made a recent referral and need any more information please get in touch.


Our charity strives to

Encourage more play

Play is important and we aim to encourage more of it.  Our city-wide play sessions are free, easily accessible and provide children with opportunities to play , create, experiment and have fun.

Offer support for play

Sometimes a little extra help is required to get playing.  We offer one-to-one support for children with disabilities and give advice to anyone interested in improving and increasing play opportunities.

Promote the benefits of play

Play offers a myriad of benefits to children which will last a lifetime.  The projects we deliver demonstrate our committment to promoting the benefits of play.

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